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The MASTER PLAN is a structured automated process. Your supporters will be able to donate effectively and efficiently starting with ONLY $1. When your supporters follow this simple practice of seed sowing, you are guaranteed to reach your financial goals. All of your supporters / partners / sponsors / donors commit to a one-year-structured plan of giving which results in a total donation of $1,378 over a 52-week period. The Master Plan paves the way and ushers you into the land of “MORE THAN ENOUGH“. (-Dr. Deborah Simmons)


Too often organizations and businesses has existed in the land of “NOT ENOUGH”.  Although many supporters have a benevolent heart, when it’s time to give, their wallets scream, “NOT ENOUGH!” Their focus on lack produces more lack and these well-intentioned prospective supporters begin to beat themselves up over their inability to give. The MASTER Plan recognizes that we are living in a supernatural season of blessing.